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Eating out

One of the great pleasures of living in Taiwan is the huge range of delicious food that is available. From snacks on the street, a sit down noodle shop or fine dining. Everywhere at anytime there is always a flavor to sate your appetite.

Deep fried chicken and chips

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Shan Ding Elementary School sports day

Yesterday was the kid’s school sports day. It is held on a Saturday so parents are able to attend and join in the activities.


To make up for having to attend on Saturday, school is out for Monday. I’m not sure what the working parents will do tomorrow. [Read more →]

What’s with the water

About 3am a few weeks ago I woke to the rather pleasant sound of flowing water outside. After checking that it wasn’t raining I wandered downstairs to check that the kids hadn’t left the ground floor water tap running. What I discovered was a burst water main that flowed a torrent of water straight through and past our garage.


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